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Skin Conditions

Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema all target the human being’s largest organ, the skin. Causes and symptoms of each of these life-altering conditions are well-known and will no doubt vary.

Salt has antiseptic properties. Therefore, halotherapy can neutralise the irritants and allergens your skin typically reacts to. Salt’s anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce skin inflammation. After a consistent number of sessions, where natural salt dust settles on your skin, natural salt dust enhances your skin’s health.  Nevertheless, halotherapy alone has limited effects on diluting the symptoms of skin conditions. Our suggestion, in this case, is to couple halotherapy sessions with regular baths using our natural bath salts. Natural Bath Salts (obtained by mixing natural cave salt with 100% natural ingredients such as essential oils or dried medicinal plants) can help with skin conditions in a much better and effective way.

Please note that even one visit may have positive effects on your breathing, but the benefits of halotherapy need more than just one session in order to really kick in. The full extent of what halotherapy can offer is only put in the spotlight after multiple visits that actually allow the salt to work. Please also note that we do not advise our visitors to consider halotherapy to be a standalone treatment or a cure for their ailments.

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