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7 Days a week

10am - 9pm  (8pm Last Entry)

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113 Shenley Rd 



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Borehamwood Shopping Park


Salt is a natural antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory product. When inhaled, salt can help to keep in check symptoms of various skin disorders such as psoriasis or dermatitis. It also has a very positive impact on respiratory system disorders including asthma, sinusitis, smoker's cough or bronchitis.


Using 100% natural ingredients and a patented technique that's our own invention, we have succeeded in creating tiles containing high quality, raw and natural salt. Assembled together, these tiles create an environment with therapeutic properties that mirror Europe’s finest salt mines including Wieliczka in Poland or Turda in Romania. We are proud to say that our salt rooms are the only UK business to offer you the natural benefits of salt. At Salt Cave Halotherapy, we don’t expect you to blindly take our word for it. We invite you join us for a session and feel the difference for yourself!

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Health Benefits

It can help with..
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Better breathing, better life


Went Wednesday and Friday with my 3 children two of them are not well with asthma and bronchitis coughing and getting sick on meds from doctors and the two evenings I went both never coughed and slept all night I've seen a big improvement on both children ill definitely be taking them back great place highly recommend for anyone with breathing problems- Elizabeth R. N

  • How is your salt cave different from other salt rooms in UK?
    Most of the salt rooms currently operating in UK, use electronic devices to grind medicinal grade salt into fine particles. These particles are then dispersed in the air you breathe, artificially creating salinity in the air. At Salt Cave Halotherapy, we refuse to use artificially electronically grinded salt. Instead, we personally source 100% natural salt from renowned salt mines in Romania. We use a patented technique that's our own invention, to create salt tiles with therapeutic properties. Our salt tiles replicate the palliative conditions in well-known European natural salt mines, like Wieliczka in Poland or Turda in Romania. Our salt rooms are also specifically designed to reduce the risk of claustrophobia that you might otherwise experience in an underground salt cave and/or restrictive salt room.
  • Does halotherapy have any contraindications?
    While halotherapy is recommended in most cases, there are a few scenarios where it could cause more harm than good. These scenarios include: Acute stages of respiratory disease or other internal diseases Cardiac insufficiency, Coronary heart disease (CHD) or any other heart-related problem Chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) with 3rd stage chronic lung insufficiency Unexplained bleeding Hypertension in II B stage Tuberculosis (TB) Cancer (especially lung cancer) Alcohol or drug intoxication Epilepsy Claustrophobia (our salt rooms are specifically designed to reduce the risk of claustrophobia) If you are in treatment for any of the issues mentioned above, or you are a cancer survivor and wish to use the salt rooms, please consult with your doctor and obtain her/his written approval, before making an appointment
  • Are there any side effects to halotherapy?
    Side effects associated with halotherapy are extremely rare and tend to occur only when halotherapy is misused (e.g. used against contraindications). Sensitive individuals may experience slight skin irritation or red patches, but these are not painful and they disappear after a few sessions as the body accommodates to the environment. Sensitive individuals or individuals with respiratory diseases may report a mild throat tickle but this is because the salt therapy is taking effect. This tickle can be easily reduced by gargling hot water and frequenting the salt rooms regularly. If you experience increased coughing due to mucus buildup, this only means the salt therapy treatment is working - this is your body’s way of draining the mucus buildup. ​There is no research to prove that pregnancy is affected in a negative way by the use of a salt cave.
  • How often should I come to Salt Cave Halotherapy?
    Salt has amazing benefits for your health even after one visit, but it needs time to make a true, lasting impact. For that reason, we recommend a minimum cycle of 10 sessions, each of which lasts at least 45 minutes. After a rest period of 10 to 14 days, you can repeat the cycle if you wish.
  • What if I am not satisfied with Salt Cave Halotherapy?
    Halotherapy has been documented anecdotally to be effective throughout most of humanity’s known history. As medical research has yet to fully catch up with the benefits of halotherapy, we believe that Salt Cave Halotherapy is an innovative way to compliment your health care and benefit future generations. Before visiting us for the first time, we recommend that you visit your GP - she/he will assess your current health state (concerning the exact aspect of your health you’d like to improve). The GP should issue a document for your own use, describing your aforementioned current state. After completion of the treatment, please visit your GP again for a new assessment. If your doctor does not detect any change for the better, please ask her/him to document this in writing for you and bring us this document. We will refund the cost of your sessions*. * Please note that this guarantee is put in place subject to the visitor honouring a minimum of 10 consecutive appointments.
  • Do you have any house rules?
    At Salt Cave Halotherapy we aim to make all our customers feel safe and happy. To achieve this, we have some house rules: Durring current restrictions, we allow maximum 2 different households at once in the salt room Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your first visit, as you will need to fill out a new customer form Our sessions begin on the hour, so please arrive at least 5 minutes earlier if you are a returning customer, and please note that we will not be able to allow access to our salt rooms after a session has begun Please do not open doors to the salt room or exit the salt room once a session has started, unless it is an emergency and/or you need assistance, as to do so will reduce the impact of the salt dust filling the air Please do not consume food or drinks inside the salt room; To increase the effectiveness of the salt therapy, we also recommend that you do not eat or drink for a minimum of 30 minutes after your session ends Our salt room is planned as a relaxation space; One of the ways to achieve this is to disconnect for a while, from the digital world, so please turn off all electronic devices or put them on silent if you must keep them on Please note that you are responsible for the actions and behaviour of children that you are accompanying in the children’s salt room Please note that you will be billed for the cost of returning any property to its original state, that was damaged by yourself or the child under your supervision The adult salt room is a quiet space; We would like to ask you to refrain from talking during your session as a sign of respect for others
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